Software for pragmatically acting audit units

audimexSD is a comprehensive audit management system for audit units, that want their processes to be monitored under IIA-Standards while ensuring simplicity and audit safety.


  • Complete: Planning, processing, follow-up, reporting

  • Ready to use: Short implementation and training phase

  • Intuitive: Consistent, easy-to-use GUI concept

  • Integrated: 2-Ways-MS-Office-Integration

  • Efficient: Minimal effort to set up, implement and administrate


Simply structured, pragmatic working audit units in companies of any industry worldwide.


Request a web presentation

We would be happy to introduce you to audimexSD in a web presentation via TeamViewer.


The incidental costs of audimexSD are low and can be calculated clearly. We are offering introductory and optimization workshops in the course of the implementation of audimexSD. We are happy to send you an individual offer upon your specific inquiry.


We support our customers throughout the customization and implementation process.


The audimexSD implementation takes place in a two- to three-day workshop on-site. Intuitive operability with a pragmatic presentation of your audit process, minimal efforts to set up, implement and administrate the software ensure a short project phase. In the course of the workshop you will make modifications on the software with our consultant to adapt audimexSD to your organization and workflow. Our objective is to allow a knowledge transfer to happen that will allow you to administrate, configure and customize audimexSD autonomously without any restrictions. Finally all future uses will be trained and prepared for profitable use.


If you are interested in the experiences our customers made with audimexSD, please, feel free to contact us first. Following our policy, the audimexSD-responsible of the referenced company will then be contacted, disclosing the name of the enquiring party. If all parties give consent we will establish contact.