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audimex AGILE is audimex's standard web-based audit management software suitable for audits of all sizes and types. Equipped with standard workflows, reports, dashboards and communication processes, you get a powerful solution that can be customized to your needs and implemented in a short period of time. Learn how you can benefit from using the software on this page.

Risk-oriented approach

audimex agile supports you in a holistic, risk-oriented planning approach based on your Audit Universe

The Audit Universe forms the basis of your audit planning, in which you create audit fields that can be mapped in any depth and differentiation. Using a risk assessment based on your individual risk model, you determine risk indicators that are translated into audit intervals and automatically transferred to the audit objects. Based on the risk assessment, you receive audit proposals in the multi-year planning, in which you can create audits at the click of a mouse. 

Ideally coordinate planning and resources

Refine your audit planning and assemble your audit team

In audimexAGILE's audit planning, you can refine the audit planning data and move the audit periods as desired using drag & drop. You can put together the team of auditors with just a few clicks on the same screen, with the available capacities always being displayed. Finally, you can carry out a detailed planning of the auditors via the deployment planning. As a result, you receive an annual plan report that has a separate status network, which can optionally be provided with one or more release processes.

Prepare audits efficiently

Document all essential information and use communication processes in the audit

In the audit, you maintain all master data whose form you can freely determine and process automatically at a later time (e.g. in the audit report). You can structure the content of your audit in the hierarchically structured audit manual manually or by importing best practice catalogs. This allows you to benefit from the knowledge of your colleagues and save resources. All recorded master data of the audit can be transferred to communication processes, for example, to inform audited units about the period and subject of the audit in preparation.

Complete follow-up

Monitor recommendation tracking with little effort

Once an audit has been completed, findings and recommendations are automatically transferred to recommendation tracking. Defined due dates and status networks provide you with a comprehensive overview of the current implementation status of the measures, allowing you to control the implementation of recommendations in a straightforward manner.

Result-oriented work

Record audit results in a structured manner and automatically transfer the results to the audit report

The results of your audit procedures and questions are documented in audimexAGILE and can be processed transparently via a status network. Furthermore, it is possible to evaluate results according to your specifications. The results are automatically transferred to the audit report, which can be edited live in audimexAGILE or outside the system using an ex-import mechanism. The changes made are written back to the system.

Flexible coordination and communication processes

Benefit from a flexible concept for the creation of communication processes according to your specifications

In audimexAGILE, you can freely design the workflows for communicating with audited units, responsible departments or persons responsible for recommendations. You determine which requests can be addressed to you under which conditions. audimex agile also gives you the option of deciding whether to use system-internal notifications or system-generated e-mails to ensure that you can actively inform those responsible about news in line with their needs.

Evaluations and report generation at the click of a mouse

Access a comprehensive database to create meaningful evaluations

audimexAGILE offers you a wide range of analysis tools that enable access to all current and historical data directly in the system. You have the choice of exporting the data to common file formats or using report templates to prepare the data directly. Dashboards and an in-system dashboard designer allow you to transform your data into insightful visualizations that you can also export and reuse outside the system. In addition, it is possible to connect the audimexAGILE database to existing BI systems in order to integrate audit data into cross-organizational analyses.

Additional functions at a glance

audimex agile is equipped with comprehensive document management, workflows for controlling approvals and multi-client capability

All business objects in audimexAGILE are equipped with a document management system that allows you to store relevant documents, such as test fields or tests, in individual directories. Use the referencing function for business objects to reference important documents, historical inspections, and much more. In addition, you can implement system-internal release processes, e.g. for risk assessment or the test report. All release processes are fully documented in the system, giving you full control over central workflows in the system. In addition, you can manage multiple clients in audimexAGILE.


Find out what benefits you get by using audimex agile!

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