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audimex Hosting - data center

With audimexHOSTING, you choose the convenient alternative to operating your audimex system yourself. Learn more about the data center hosting your system here.


With audimexHosting, your system is always available when you need it.

  • Provision and maintenance of the hardware suitable for your audimex system.

  • Provision of the operating environment suitable for your audimex system (operating system, database, application server, etc.) including the required licenses.

  • Installation and configuration of the operating environment (operating system, database, application server, etc.).

  • Installation and configuration of audimex software

  • Installation of patches and bug fixes for operating environment and audimex

  • Installation of audimex update versions, but not the subsequent implementation of customer-specific adaptations in these update versions.

  • Active monitoring and administration of the system: The system is regularly checked with regard to errors that have occurred and, if necessary, adjusted accordingly.

Providing a technical operational environment

With audimexHosting, you access your system via state-of-the-art infrastructure.

  • Connection of your audimex installation via a 100 Mbit/sec uplink.

  • SSL secured access to the server, provision of the necessary SSL server certificates.

  • The Internet connection is established via several line providers; BGP4 routing is used to automatically select the best line. If one of the line providers fails, the system automatically switches to other providers. For this highly secure configuration, the data center operates its own AS (autonomous system) with Palo Alto routers.

  • Power supply and air conditioning are redundant.

  • Backup is redundant and encrypted in a separate fire protection zone.

  • Comprehensive firewall service

  • Restore in case of fatal error


With audimexHosting, you benefit from fully comprehensive application management.

  • A production and a test environment are provided.

  • High system availability in test and production environments of at least 99% per year.

  • Daily backup to backup server. A maximum data loss period of 30 hours is assured (RPO).

  • The recovery time in the disaster recovery case (RTO) is a maximum of 48 hours.

  • Active monitoring and administration of the entire system: The system is checked daily with regard to errors that have occurred and, if necessary, adjusted accordingly.

  • Individual additions or changes to the components listed here are possible

Solid partner 

With audimexHosting, the outsourcing of your software operations is in safe hands.

  • Your audimex installation is operated by us on high-performance hardware from leading manufacturers.

  • All infrastructure components are redundant to minimize the risk of failure.

  • Your installation can be scaled according to your needs at any time.

  • Our systems are located in the data centers of Telehouse Deutschland GmbH in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

  • Our data center operator holds the severalcertifications, among others: ISO/IEC 27001:2013, PCI-DSS, ISO 9001, ISAE 3402 Type 2.

Here you have the opportunity to learn more about audimexHosting and Application Service Providing.

audimex Hosting Application Service Providing
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