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As a supplier and developer of complex business solutions for internal audit and compliance, we provide our

customers all services from a single source. 

audimex ag was established in 1999. Ever since, audimex pursues its mission to facilitate the work of audit units. As a result software solutions were developed, that help to effortlessly organize audit processes taking IIA-Standards in to account.

Throughout the years audimex gained experience in the industry. From its locations in Augsburg and Langen the company looks after customers worldwide, of every size and every industry seamlessly from the first project day until Go-Live.

Our customer service includes introductory projects, support and product trainings. In the process your requests are our priority. We offer two software solutions depending on the size of your audit unit. The result is an audit management system that is tailored to your requirements. Today more than 250 companies organize their audit processes with audimex under a maximum degree of automation.


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