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Software module audimex EE for Regulatory Compliance

Due to legal and regulatory requirements (BaFin, EBA), many companies must prove that and how they will establish or have established compliance with regulations. This proof is difficult to provide, as the consequences of a regulation can run right through the company. Learn more about how audimexEE can support you here.

Legal monitoring and inventory of standards

The Standards module provides support for compliance with laws and regulations.

All existing and all new regulations can be connected via partially automated content interfaces, e.g. with VÖB RADAR.

The relevance analysis and the materiality analysis of the regulations are carried out in the system.


Solution Platform

Integrated measure tracking controls and documents the process of processing and implementing measures.

audimexEE offers sophisticated, guided action tracking, not only by Internal Audit but also for compliance areas and other governance officers. This process can be designed very freely and integrates online the participation of the auditees or stakeholders in the implementation process.

The tracking of measures and the associated evaluations and internal dashboards show the current implementation status at any time.

For the automation of management reports (e.g. to the management), explanatory or summary texts can be entered for a regulation.

Automatic e-mail notifications can be used to distribute all information, e.g. regarding the complete implementation of a law or the announcement of a new regulation, to those affected in each case.

Regulatory measures

Define measures to ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

Definable criterion variables are available for the evaluation of relevance and significance. The type of criterion can be defined in each case by simple configuration. Finally, it can be defined how an overall result is to be created from the values of the individual criteria (aggregation rule).

Measures are formed from the deficits/deviations in the assessment of relevant, essential and prioritized regulations or standards, which are assigned to the responsibilities in the organization with responsibility, schedule and risk assessment.

The module can be configured very flexibly, so that all requirements can be covered in all the design variants shown.


Learn more about the added value of audimexEE for your regulatory compliance approach.

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