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With ongoing globalization, in which all sectors of the economy around the world are closely interconnected, poor regulatory compliance drastically exacerbates the risk situation and reputation of banks and companies. At the heart of regulatory compliance is the development and maintenance of a comprehensive legal or standards inventory.

A regulatory compliance standards inventory must include all potentially relevant legal provisions and requirements on an institution-specific basis. Compliance with relevant laws and standards throughout the institution must be demonstrated. Additional security and time savings in regulatory compliance can also be provided by incorporating regulatory compliance into an integrated governance system.

audimexEE offers you optimal support in planning and managing your individual compliance approach.

Software module audimex EE for Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Monitor your company's regulatory compliance

Compliancemanagement Softwaremodule audimex EE internal control system

Internes Kontrollsystem

The foundation of your governance system

Softwaremodule audimex EE for Compliance Risik management


Keep track of all your risk scenarios

Compliancemanagement-Software module audimex EE investigations



Track potentially harmful behavior

for your company

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