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audimexEE is an audit management system that meets the highest demands for the implementation of audit processes and corporate structures. At the core of the software solution is a powerful and highly flexible Audit Universe that offers you great freedom of design. audimexEE is a web-based audit management system that can be used platform-independently via all common web browsers. On this page you will learn more about how you can use audimexEE to your advantage.

Your company in audimexEE

Modeling and designing the Audit Universe

In the Audit Universe, you define your organizational structure. audimexEE supports all common organizational forms - from simple hierarchical structures to the representation of complex relationships in a matrix organization: you decide what your Audit Universe will look like. This creates an audit management system that adapts to your requirements like a tailor-made suit.

Risk planning of audit objects

A risk-oriented view of your Audit Universe

The risk planning and risk analysis of audit fields (e.g., organizational unit, department, or process) provides a basis for subsequent audit planning. Based on your risk model, an assessment scheme is configured. The result of the risk assessment is a risk figure that determines the audit interval and the audit intensity of the audit field or even a branch. 

Capacity and audit planning

Balance your planned audits with available resources

The planning process in audimexEE can be designed in many ways. At the core of the planning process, multi-year planning, annual planning, planning during the year and capacity planning are available. In addition to the risk value determined in the risk analysis, you can determine other factors that go into the decision as to whether and when a test field should be tested. With the help of capacity planning, you can reconcile your prioritization with the available personnel resources in the following step.


Flexible preparation and execution of audits

In exam preparation, you define the framework conditions and milestones for the exam and create the exam manual. The audit execution can also be designed flexibly. For the processing of the audit actions, you have the option of recording results internally in the system or importing entries from Excel files. This procedure is also supported for recording findings and actions. 

Report generation

Extensive evaluations for your stakeholders

audimexEE has extensive evaluation options. You can access dashboards and evaluation masks that are modeled based on your individual requirements. BI reports are also available to inform your stakeholders about relevant developments as needed. Additionally, use the Word/Excel reporting option for detailed reporting according to your specifications.


Integrate auditees and monitor progress

Audited (units) can be directly integrated into audimexEE. They are given access to measures in their area of responsibility and can record information on the status of the implementation of measures. Auditees can submit requests to postpone due dates, (multi-stage) approval processes can be triggered.


audimexEE is a comprehensive audit management solution that offers you many added values.

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