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audimex Hosting Application Service Providing

The subject of our hosting services is full application service providing (ASP).

The prerequisites are:

  • that you have purchased a sufficient number of licenses of the audimexEE application in a separate invoice and

  • have concluded a valid maintenance contract for this purpose.  

If you have no or insufficient audimexEE licenses, you can contact us at any time for an individual rental (SaaS) or purchase offer.

Individual setup of the externalization

The transition from ASP to cloud solutions, and thus from hosting to SaaS operation, can be customized in our operating models: the more resources in our colocation center may be shared with other users, the more we speak of a cloud solution. The more separate and individual the outsourced IT operation and application management is to be for the customer, the more we speak of full-service application providing.


We can ensure, for example, that all customer data remains in Germany.

This extends to the use of dedicated hardware for a customer. The customer can easily transition between in-house operation of the software solution and external hosting at audimex. The same also applies to repatriation.


Scope of


Here you have the opportunity to learn more about audimexHosting and the technical infrastructure of audimexHosting.

audimex Hosting data center
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