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Software module audimex EE for Compliance Risik management

The Compliance Risk Analysis module is available for the "annual reassessment of risk scenarios" use case. In audimexEE, an institutionalized risk management can be created in several steps from the perspective of compliance governance responsibility.

audimexEE offers you the necessary flexibility to support you in your individual approach to company-specific risk management.

Compliance risk assessment

Define and manage risk scenarios for your entire organization 

Using a generic five-stage process, the module identifies and evaluates company-specific risks and defines measures that can be used to reduce the risks. By forming specific risk topics, these are translated into risk scenarios, thereby defining which areas in the company are particularly at risk and under what circumstances the threats occur.


Keep track of all controls performed 

As required, first-secondline controls - either already in place or newly defined - can be recorded to ensure a transparent overview of the active safeguards for the specific risk scenario. This also provides the starting point for the assessment of net risks.

Implementation tracking of protective measures

Control the implementation of the protective measures 

These risk scenarios can be minimized in the company through protective measures. These are defined and documented in a compliance program.

These risk scenarios and protective measures can be evaluated and monitored in the compliance program on an annual basis. In audimexEE, time-controlled notifications, a configurable workflow and systematic action tracking are also available for this purpose, which support the regular monitoring and control of this process.

Risks arising from the ICS status

Integrate your work results for comprehensive reporting

There is an interface to the ICS module, in which the implementation, confirmation and testing of controls for effectiveness and efficiency can be documented.
Evaluations provide you with an ongoing overview of the risk situation - from a compliance perspective - throughout the entire company. Reporting to the management board, supervisory board and supervisory authorities can be automated to a large extent with audimexEE, resulting in significant work savings.

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