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Thorsten Drobinoha

Authorized signatory - Audit, Development & Support

The processes and audimex are interlinked. Interaction with the system is comprehensively optimized through additional automatic notifications and evaluations, workflows and workflow checks. A dedicated role model manages to cover the different requirement profiles.



A medium-sized universal bank and the largest regional bank in Germany

Maximilian Gummert

Project Leader Audit-Tool

The introduction of audimex has greatly reduced the amount of bureaucracy for auditors, allowing them to better perform their actual task of carrying out audits. The central data entry and storage also avoids error-prone multiple entries and allows evaluations according to various criteria. 


Robert Bosch GmbH

The activities are divided into four business sectors: Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology.

Harald Chasa

Head of IT Audit & Data Analytics

The UNIQA Group had a need for an uniform tool in order to have a consistent methodology for conducting audit reviews. The operation of the system has been outsourced to audimex in order to focus on the core tasks of Group auditing and on a common understanding of UNIQA's internal audit concepts.
The UNIQA Group's concept has been a complete success. The introduction of audimex's auditing software has become an important building block for the sustainable management of the insurance group.


An insurance group with around 40 operating insurance companies in 16 European countries


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